Adam Ochs wins the 2020 Quota Tournament

Congrats !!!

Congrats 2020 Champions

Paul Berg/Brian Holden      Gross

Scott Stowe/Jake G.   Net


Great turnout for the 2020 Shamrock

Congrats to the winners

“Knuckles” Merritt   “Tall Paul” Stets    “I cant hold my liquor” Jake    “Cheater” Joe P

Please be advised: During the winter months Sterling Golf is primarily a walking course

Easy walk with great views

Good exercise

Pull carts are available to rent




  • Club Champion Gross  Doug “Bud Light” Mallory
  • Club Champion Net   Fred Ferrell
  • 2019 Men’s League Champions  Don “Roll Tide” Kidwell/Ken “Mr. Glass Wiley
  • 2019 Ladies League Champion  Sharon Kilpatrick
  • 2019 TOURNAMENT SERIES CHAMPION     Pat “Bearded One” Desmond


Congrats all !!!!!