Devil Ball Tournament

Sterling Golf Club

Devil Ball (Lone Ranger) Tourney

Date:          Sunday April 9, 2017

Outside picnic lunch to follow      YUM !!!

Cost $20 per player

Format:                         Three Person teams (each player will receive 80% handicap)

How does it work?    Devil Ball is typically played with 3-4-person teams. On each hole, one golfer’s golf ball is called the “devil ball” (Each team will be provided with Devil Ball’s)

The golfers rotate as the devil ball player: Golfer A on Hole 1, B on 2, C on 3 back to A on Hole 4 and so on.

On every hole, two scores are added together to form the team score:

  • The score of the golfer playing the devil ball;
  • And the low score (a k a the best ball) among the other two golfers on the team.

So on Hole 1, let’s say the scores are 5 for Golfer A, 5 for B, 4 for C . The team score is 9: Golfer A is the playing the devil ball on Hole 1, so his score must count; and Golfer C’s 4 is the low score among the other two golfers.

Scorecards will be marked with dots


It is Masters Sunday and long term forecast is mid-high 60’s SUNNY


It will be tee times beginning at 10 am unless more than 36 signup (go to a shotgun)

Deadline to sign up is Friday April 7th by 4 pm!!!!!